Book 1: StellarNova and the Jet Car

Book 1 in the StellarNova series

Dr. Willow, the coolest and most (ahem) explosive teacher at Bay Ridge Elementary School, has given her sixth-grade class a tough assignment: coming up with their very own science experiment. Liza wants to turn her little brother’s toy into a jet car that can drive on its own. But nothing she does seems to work. Will she stop squabbling with her teammates long enough for them to become a real team and come up with the brilliant solution they need to make the car zoom? And who will beat out all the other groups in the class – and win a very special grand prize?

Meet the StellarNova crew in the first of their exciting escapades. Because science can be epic, and regular kids can have superpowers too.

Age range: 7-10
Pages: 117
Dimensions: 19 x 13 cm (7.5 x 5.1 inches)
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